Woodwork & GRP

Above we have replaced 5 hull planks and sheathed the entire hull in epoxy and woven glass cloth to make it as strong as a wood boat can be. Interior changes – bunks, cupboards, worktops etc designed and fitted

Some scratches we can polish out but deeper damage we will repair with diamond cutters, gel coat filler and 3M finishing to back-to-new condition.

Damage to GRP needs proper repair to retain strength and prevent future cracking. We will cut back gelcoat and prepare the laminate to receive 5 or 6 layers of feathered epoxy and cloth and then rebuild the gelcoat.

Traditional wooden hull work on a carvel build – recaulking with Oakum, putty & red lead. Replacing rotting planking.

This classic wood hull has had many small pieces cut out and replaced as well as works to rubbing strakes

Window leak water damage will be repaired with new timber – after the leaks have been cured.