Antifoul is a poisonous paint designed to prevent marine growth. It is typically recoated every year and over time builds up, cracking and flaking and holding moisture to the hull. Our A/F strip & replace makes good as new.

All gelcoats deteriorate in the sun overtime. Our 3M restoration process will restore a hull and superstructure to often better-than-new smoothness and shine. Ultrawax finishing provides added UV light protection.

Adding a bow (or stern) thruster greatly improves boat handling in crowded berths and/or strong cross winds. We can supply and install these to steel or GRP hulled boats.

Steel hulls need skilled welding attention from time to time or when making alterations and improvements. We can do all such works in-house and with coded contractors.

Modern 2-pack paints will give a better-than-new finish to a boat – either the hull topsides or to areas of deck and superstructure.

Many boats do not have a shore power installation so either go without or use unsafe extension leads. We can fit proper consumer units with full current and leakage protection.