What costs are there when owning and mooring a boat?

The main costs are insurance, river licence, mooring fee and maintenance. These will vary depending on the size and type of boat, generally the bigger the boat the higher the cost.

Does the value of boats depreciate?

Second-hand boats hold their value well but this is very dependant on condition. Classics can appreciate especially if improved in condition while retaining originality.

If I buy a boat from Ely Marine can I moor there?

We always guarantee a mooring for any boat purchased from us

If I buy a boat from somewhere other than Ely Marine how do I get a mooring?

We would usually have space available for cruisers up to 32ft. Larger boats – up to 70ft – are possible but space is limited and we recommend to secure a berth ahead of time.

Do I need to be qualified to use my boat?

There are no required formal qualifications to drive a boat on the waterways in our area. However if new we strongly recommend that you have some lessons and do some research as things are not as simple as turning the key and going. – We can help with all of this.

Are there any rules to use a boat on the river?

All boats on the river must have a river licence (available from the Environment Agency), insurance and a current Boat Safety Certificate (we can help and advise with all these) – and drive on the right.

What facilities come with the mooring?

At Ely all our moorings have Electricity (Charged per unit used) and Water included. Elsan emptying, domestic rubbish disposal and parking.

What facilities does the Marina offer?

We have full facilities on site. Toilets, showers, laundry, gas, coal, petrol, diesel and offer brokerage. We are a working yard so can organise all repairs and lifts etc.

Can I choose which berth I want?

We always moor boats to the correct size of mooring so if we have a few suitable spaces available you can choose which of those you would like.

Can I pay my mooring monthly?

Our moorings are sold on an annual contract paid in advance they can start at any time of the year but have to run to a full months end.

If I want to move to another Marina can I have my money back?

The first years mooring is not refundable, but in subsequent years refunds can be given for unused periods if the correct notice is given, at Cathedral Marina the notice period is a clear calander month.

Is the Marina open all year?

The Marina is open all year.  We do close the office and workshops for a 2 week period over Christmas and New Year.

Can I have post or deliveries?

No,  we do not allow post or deliveries (we may allow the occasional delivery for special circumstances – the office will need to  authorise any such request).

Do you provide liveaboard moorings?

No we do not,  but you are welcome to use your boat as often and as much as you would like.

Can friends use my boat or berth?

The berth is for your boat only – others cannot use it when you are away.  Friends are welcome in your company or predominantly so.

What is there to do when mooring at Ely – OVERVIEW

The Marina is a destination in itself and many people use it as a base away from home enjoying peaceful relaxation, picnics and walks as well as cruising.                                                                                                                    The City of Ely hosts the Cathedral, numerous eating and drinking places, regular and unusual shops, The Kings School and several museums with modern leisure park facilities are on the outskirts.  Relaxing walks, country parks, children’s playgrounds are on the door step.

Where can I shop in Ely?

Ely has a variety of regular stores and chains and also bespoke shops including several gift shops,  Weekly markets, a fudge shop, a chocolate shop, The Ely Gin store and a comprehensive Bookshop.  There is a departmental hardware/household goods shop and the largest antique shop spans four floors – leave plenty of time to loose yourself in there.

Where can we eat in Ely?

There is an abundance of takeaways and restaurants within walking distance in the City Centre including  chains such as Dominos, Papa Johns, Costa, Starbucks, Wildwood and Prezzo along with too many independent cafes and restaurants to name. Fish and chips are very popular too, in the Market Place and down near the Marina.

What does the Cathedral offer?

The Cathedral provides a fascinating visit in the grounds and the building itself but also much more.  All the normal church services welcome everyone and guided tours e.g. Octagon Tower are available.  In addition concerts and recitals are held year round as well as the traditional seasonal events and craft events.

Do we need a car in Ely?

No you don’t!  The station is an easy walk with trains to Cambridge a 15 minute journey and London just an hour. Taxis are freely available together with bus services to nearby villages and towns.

Is the area suitable for birdwatching or rambling?

Ely is surrounded by nature, there is a beautiful walk along the river and a little further there is Wicken Fen, a nature reserve, also very popular with ramblers.

Welney is only 6 miles away where you can take to the hides and watch over the wetlands or have a coffee in the on site cafe. Cambridge Colleges offer walking tours and there is a Walking group in Ely during the week.

What does the Kings School Offer?

Kings School Ely is a famous school located in the City. Its grounds and historic buildings offer peaceful walks and interesting viewing. Additionally the school provides indoor and open air choral and musical theatrical productions open to the public.

Does the City provide events?

Yes it does. Traditional Firework Night displays and regular open air fairs in Jubilee Gardens opposite the Marina. Eel day procession and celebrations around the Eel Trail and the annual Aquafest organised by the Rotary Club. Mayors Procession, Raft races, amusements and stalls.

Where can we walk or cycle in Ely?

There are walks from the Marina gates to the City Centre – 5 minutes and along the River Bank to the Country Park. There are cycle routes around the City and to outlying villages.

What to do on a Rainy day in Ely?

Visit Oliver Cromwell House – audio tours

Visit Stained glass museum – 800 years of stained glass

Visit the Waterside Antiques Emporium – 4 floors of collectors heaven

Visit the Old Court House

Visit Ely Museum – heritage of Ely and Fens

Visit Prickwillow Drainage Engine Museum

Visit Stretham Old (Steam) Engine Museum – operational

Visit RAF Witchford Collection – RAF Memorabilia

Visit the Health Club

Visit Almonry Tea Rooms – and more!

What is there for children in Ely?

Numerous parks all with dedicated children’s play equipment and areas. The Country Park with woodland walks and larger play equipment. On the outskirts of Ely is a soft play area together with Cinema, Swimming Pool, McDonalds, KFC etc.

Where can we park?

In the Marina! Otherwise plenty of car parks around Ely and all FREE!

Can we wine and dine on the Riverfront?

Right outside the Marina gates is the Riverfront Area separated from the Marina by the river.

Riverside Bar & Kitchen and The Cutter provide indoor and outdoor eating and drinks. Peacocks Tea Room is exactly that!

Interspersed with the above are the Ice Cream Van, Antiques Emporium, Babylon Gallery and the Maltings Centre.

How best to enjoy boating from Cathedral Marina – OVERVIEW

Cathedral Marina is centrally located on the river system which is well controlled giving reliable year round enjoyment without flooding or strong stream issues. Relax in the Marina or Ely Waterfront, enjoy gentle local or overnight cruising to pubs/restaurants on the main river or into Cambridge or exploring the many tributaries. More adventurous trips to Denver Sluice and the relief channel or out to sea.

What Pubs etc are within easy reach by river?

There are two pubs and restaurants on the Ely Waterfront with reliably available moorings for quick access. The Ship Inn, Five miles from Anywhere and Lazy Otter are all within two hours cruising for food and drink along with play areas for children.

Can I get to the canal system by boat?

With a narrow boat you can cruise to Denver and then to the Middle Levels to access the entire country’s canal system.

Where can I go for a week long cruise?

Up river to St Ives, Huntingdon and St Neots. Down river to any of the tributaries – Wissey, Little Ouse or The Lark.

Can I go out to sea from Ely?

Two and a half hours cruise to Denver and then a lock and out onto the tidal Ouse and down to Kings Lynn and out onto The Wash. Usually you can arrange to get companion boats from Denver Cruising Club.

What moorings are available along the river?

GOBA – Great Ouse Boating Association and EA-Environment Agency moorings are available for 48 hour mooring at convenient spacing throughout.

How should I prepare to fully enjoy my boating?

Understand and maintain your boat and its safety equipment. Take extra warm clothing with you whatever the weather. Always have some food and drink with the boat. Have a river map and maintain knowledge of your position on it.

What do I need to do to maintain my boat?

As a sensible minimum keep canopies, hatches and windows watertight, service the engine regularly, re-antifoul as necessary, winterise out of season.

Can I do my own works?

Yes – we will support and help wherever possible.

What works can the Marina do?

We can lift your boat and block it down ashore. Woodwork and GRP work, mechanical and electrical works by our staff or with specialist approved contractors. We blast and black and re-anode narrow boats as well as welding and painting.

Can I have outsiders working in the Marina?

We do not normally allow outsiders in the Marina on works that we can do. However we do make exceptions by agreement eg warranty work

What are the most common works you do?

Winterisations – engine and water systems, hull restoration (3M process) and re-antifouling.

Can you do Osmosis repairs?

Yes we do. We have GelPlane & HotVac equipment and can efficiently treat all Osmotic boats.

What costs are there when purchasing a boat ?

The initial cost will be the purchase price, survey fees and transport if you are moving from one waterway to another. (eg by road)

Where is the best place to buy or sell?

We would recommend using a marina brokerage service for peace of mind and ease of sale. You can buy privately but always get a professional survey to be sure you know what you are getting and that it is good value for money.

How do I get a survey and how much will it cost?

The Surveyor will work directly for you independently of the Marina. We have several surveyors who we know and trust and can provide contact details for you if you wish. The cost will vary with size and value of the boat but likely £250 – £750 range.

What do I do if I want to sell my boat?

If you decide to sell your boat we offer a full brokerage service from lift to viewings and completion. We include a river trial where we take the purchaser for a test run to demostrate all is working.

Can I sell my boat privately in the Marina?

No, we do not allow private sales, however you can give the required notice and take the boat away to sell.

If I sell a boat and buy a bigger one can I stay on my mooring?

If your boats are the same size then yes, if the new boat is not the size of your current berth then we may move you to another berth suited to the size of the new boat.

What should I do if I break down?

Try to get to the bank and tie up/anchor. Call the Marina – if we can, we will come out to you and tow you back to the Marina. If you are a member of River Canal Rescue call them as well.

What do I do if someone is ill on the boat?

It does depend where you are on the river and how ill the person is. If you are near habitation get to the bank and call for help letting them know where you are and what is wrong. The fire brigade will assist in many circumstances. Call the Marina also and we will help with location or assistance. In the Marina call for help as normal but also be sure to call the Marina so we can help you.

What if someone falls into the water?

In the Marina there are life rings and escape ladders. Throw the life ring to the person (not at them) and assist them to the exit ladder. Call for help, keep them warm.

In the river use your boat’s life ring and get the person into the boat or onto the bank. Call for help, keep thenwarm.

What should I do if my boat is taking on water?

On the river – make sure bilge pumps are on. If you can find the source of water, stuff it with rags/towel etc to slow the flow. Get to the bank, Call for help. Call the Marina. The Fire Brigade will assist in any serious situation.

If a boat looks to be in difficulty moored in the Marina What should I do?

Call the Marina – we will take care of the situation.