Regular anode checking & replacement and hull protection are essential for steel hulls. We offer complete service, lifting (60 tonnes), 30,000 psi water blasting, spray applied blacking, re-anode and launch. we also do epoxy coating. All processes are for sides & bottoms.

Most older boats suffer from osmosis which is the absorption of water into the hull. It causes the hull to blister and deteriorate, eventually to complete penetration. We offer repair – peeling – HotVac drying and epoxy rebuilding to better-than-new condition.

Most boats have some varnished woodwork which looks good but takes a lot of preparation, time and skill to maintain. We have the staff, skills and covered workspace to keep your brightwork perfect.

We have the workshop and staff to paint virtually all sizes of cruisers and narrow boats. We use single pack and two pack paints for hulls, superstructure, non-slip decks and epoxy base coats for all problematic areas. With modern two pack paint you will be tired of the colour before it loses its shine.

Water ingress to a boat is one of the single most damaging factors and windows are often the culprit. We can re-seal and maintain your windows and drains or use a specialist to remove them completely and re-install with new high performance seals.

On any boat, but particularly metal hulled boats, electrical systems – AC & DC – need to be in good order for safety and to prevent leakage and damage to the hull. The picture shows this type of damage. We have specialist instruments and meters to check systems and correct faults.